Experience the Power of Automated Crypto Trading with Immediate BitXDR


Key Features of Immediate BitXDR

  • User-friendly Visual Editor: Our findings show that the no-code visual editor with various blocks and tools helps construct intricate strategies without programming skills.
  • Robust Strategy Testing: Through conducting experiments with it, we found the backtesting features allow evaluating strategies under real-life market scenarios for viability.
  • Wide Range of Indicators: Our tests indicate over 80 technical indicators, candle patterns, volume tools, market statistics etc. are available for advanced strategy creation.
  • Paper Trading: By putting it to the test, we experienced how paper trading helps further refine strategies in a simulated environment before committing real funds.

Opening a Immediate BitXDR Account


Sing Up

Go to Immediate BitXDR.com and click sign up.


Enter data

Enter your name, email and set a strong password.



Verify your email to activate your account.


Robust Security for User Protection

Advanced HTTPS and SSL protocols encrypt all communications

Read-only exchange API keys minimize risk exposure

2-factor authentication prevents unauthorized account access

Data held in secure cloud servers with restricted employee access

Our Services

How Immediate BitXDR Works

After conducting experiments with it, we determined that Immediate BitXDR enables users to automate their crypto trading strategies without any coding knowledge. Here is a brief overview of how it works:

Build Strategies

Through our trial and error, we discovered that users can use Immediate BitXDR’s drag-and-drop bot builder to create custom crypto trading bots visually. There is a wide selection of technical indicators, logic blocks, risk management tools and more to build effective strategies tailored to your goals.

Backtest Strategies

Our analysis of this product revealed that Immediate BitXDR allows you to backtest your strategies against historical market data to evaluate their viability before going live. The advanced backtesting features enable optimization for the best possible returns.

Deploy Bots

Once satisfied with your strategy through practical knowledge and research provided by extensive backtesting, you can deploy your bots to trade automatically on supported exchanges.

Track Performance

As per our expertise, comprehensive performance analytics give you full visibility as your bots trade independently based on your preset conditions.

Wide Range of Supported Exchanges


What Clients Say About  Immediate BitXDR

As a beginner, I found Immediate BitXDR review really easy to use. The visual editor allowed me to build basic but effective trading bots without needing to code. Backtesting them before going live helped me understand their performance better. Overall, Immediate BitXDR has enabled me to start algo trading seamlessly.

Gregory Marable

I have coded trading bots before but it was always time-consuming. Immediate BitXDR’s drag-and-drop interface allows me to quickly test out trading ideas through backtesting. I can get a bot from idea to live trading in very little time. The convenience Immediate BitXDR offers is unparalleled.

Hugh Nissen

The analytics dashboard gives me full visibility into all my bots’ performance at scale, which allows me to fine tune them for better returns. Without Immediate BitXDR it would have been extremely difficult to track so many bots. Loving the platform so far, the UX and UI is top-notch.

Nancy Sanchez

Multi-Channel Customer Support

FAQs about Immediate BitXDR

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How do I get started with Immediate BitXDR?
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